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Hydraulic Cyclone
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Hydraulic cyclone is equipment used for the separation to remove the heavier coarse particles sediment and other substances in the sewage. Sometimes used for sludge dewatering. It is divided into two kinds of pressure-style and gravity-style, often made by circular cylindrical structures or metal tube. Water come into cyclone along the tangent upper the structure (or metal tube) by pressure or gravity, under the centrifugal force, the heavy particulate matter is thrown to the wall and rotate down, and discharged with the concentrated liquid. Smaller particulate matter rotate to a certain extent, discharged with the secondary vortex flow.

Technical data

Specification of ZGXX high efficiency hydraulic cyclone:

Model Ф100 Ф125 Ф150 Ф200 Ф250 Ф350 Ф500
Pressure of overflow (Mpa) 0.05-0.3 0.05-0.3 0.05-0.3 0.05-0.3 0.05-0.3 0.05-0.3 0.05-0.3
Capacity (t/h) 25-40 40-60 80-120 150-250 250-350 350-450 450-600
Particle size of overflow (mm) 0.025-0.25 0.025-0.25 0.025-0.25 0.025-0.25 0.025-0.25 0.025-0.25 0.025-0.25
Weight (kg) 31.3 78 105 125 151 280 718

Specification of ZJAX polymer hydraulic cyclone:

Model Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Pressure at the feeder (Mpa) Particle size (um) Weight (kg)
ZJAX-75 75 472.5 0.01-0.2 20-60 1.5
ZJAX-100 100 499 0.01-0.2 20-60 3.3
ZJAX-125 125 590 0.01-0.2 25-65 6.5
ZJAX-150 150 786 0.01-0.2 30-75 9.7
ZJAX-200 200 1026 0.03-0.3 35-90 13
ZJAX-250 250 1245 0.03-0.3 40-100 38.5
ZJAX-300 300 1294 0.03-0.3 45-105 50
ZJAX-350 350 2247 0.03-0.3 50-110 90
ZJAX-500 500 2870 0.03-0.3 60-120 231
Note: Any change of Hydraulic Cyclone technical data shall not be advised additionally.

1. The hydraulic cyclone is a hydro cyclone cylinder composed of the upper part of a hollow cylinder, and the lower portion of the vertebral body. In addition, hydraulic cyclone also has feeding pipe, overflow pipe, overflow conduit and grit mouth.
2. Hydraulic cyclone is mainly used for grading, sorting, concentration, and off the mud in mineral processing industry. When it is used as grading equipment, mainly equipped with the grinding mill and classification systems; as desliming equipment, can be used for gravity separate plant desliming; used as thickening and dewatering equipment, can be used to dress and concentrate tailings, and then sent to the filling of underground mining tunnel.
3. Hydraulic cyclone has no moving parts, simple structure; large production capacity per unit volume, accounting for a small area; classification of high efficiency (up to 80% ~ 90%), fine grain size classification; low cost, and less material consumption.

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