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ZGT series drum screen renewal product on the basis of the old drum screen, it overcomes the problem of mesh plug when circular vibrating screen and line screen are screening wet material, to improve the yield and reliability of the screening system. It is mainly used for grading large and small stones in the quarry, separate sand and gravel in the sand and gravel plant, separate lump coal and pulverized coal in the coal industry and washes coal (part of coal washing machinery) in chemical industry; classify different sizes of lumps and separate powder substance in mineral processing industry. It also can be used to desliming and dewatering in the material with large mud content.

Technical data
Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Cylinder Diameter (mm) Cylinder Length (mm) Screen Mesh Size (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
ZGT1015 50 4.0 1000 1500 <3~10 3000*1400*2145 2200
ZGT1020 100 5.5 1000 2000 3460*1400*2145 2800
ZGT1225 160 7.5 1200 2500 4146*1600*2680 4200
ZGT1530 250 11 1500 3000 4460*1900*2820 5100
ZGT1545 350 15 1500 4500 5960*1900*3080 6000
ZGT1848 450 22 1800 4800 6500*2300*4000 7500
ZGT2055 600 30 2000 5500 7500*2500*4000 8600
Note: Any change of Drum Screen technical data shall not be advised additionally.

1. Wide adaptability of feeding
Drum Screen is widely used in various types of materials screening, whether it is of low quality coal, or bituminous coal, and other class materials, can be successfully carried out the screening.
2. The feed manners are simple and diverse
The feeding port of drum screen developed by our company can be set according to the actual design, whether its belt, funnel or other ways to feed, do not take special measures to smoothly feed.
3. High screening efficiency
The device can be equipped with comb-type ballast cleaning institution, in the screening process, it can screen no matter how dirty and multi-hybrid materials come into the sieve tube, thereby increasing the screening efficiency of the device.
4. The screen amount is large, and easy to be large-scale
In the same size, the area of ​​a circle is larger than other shapes, so their screening effective area is larger, and material can be fully contact with the screen, thus the screen amount per unit time is larger. And for its simple structure, convenient layout, the technology is new and mature, is vulnerable to large-scale.
5. Energy consumption
The motor power of drum screen developed by our company is low, half to one-third of the other screens, and the running time is only half of the other screen in dealing with the same amount of materials, so the energy consumption is low.
6. The working environment is good
Throughout the screening process is equipped with the scouring water, completely remove the dust flying and massive splash phenomena in the screening cycle process, avoid pollution of the work environment.
7. The noise of device is low
8. The life is long life, and the maintenance is simple
The drum screen is composed of some circular ring networks, its total screening area is far greater than the other sieve-screening area, coupled with high efficiency, and the operating time is short, therefore it is of a longer service life, less wearing parts, small amount of maintenance
9. Easy to maintenance
The device can be opened (except for special parts), which does not affect the normal operation of the machine, and the maintenance is very convenient.

Drum Screen
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